Sterilization EO


The sterilization of medical devices using ethylene oxide (c2h40) is extremely effective by its large penetration diffusibility and capability of acting even at low temperatures, allowing the thermosensitive sterilization of medical devices.
The ethylene oxide has an action sporicidal, fungicidal, bactericidal and virucidal action. The Death of microorganisms results from the alkylation of nucleic acids by preventing proteins to be sythesized.
The Estereobato has three quarters of sterilization chambers, and these are in accordance with the requirements of EN 1422.
The validation of and EtO sterilization cycle is effected is performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 11135.

Laboratory Tests

The Estereobato has a laboratory equipped with the latest equipment, allowing the realization of several trials in the pharmaceutical area.
The Estereobato intends to offer a wide range of specific tests for the control of medical devices.

Know our analysis:


Analyses Physico-chemical and microbiological of medical devices
Physico-chemical analyses of packaging
Hygiene and sanitary control
Physico-chemical analyses of waters

Training and Consultancy

The activies of training / consultancy  Estereobato have the aim to help in developing and improving the performance of national technological sectors, mainly in the Alentejo region.



Health and safety at work
Health and Medical Devices




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