Social Responsibility

Fully aware of the challenge is sustainable development, this company strives for excellence in the present without, however, compromising the future. It is our obligation to maintain a responsible attitude towards our consumers, customers, employees, suppliers and the environment.

Over time the company has been improving and solidifying their practices socially responsible company.

To honor this commitment to be socially responsible, the company revises its policies gathering the information necessary in order to meet the requirements and meeting the need for continuous improvement.

Admits a market as differentiated and globalized, everyone should contribute to the overall development and common, whereas positive results should be a consequence of acts of responsible growth and sustainability.

Our future goal is to achieve:


Promote actions to reconciling work of employees with personal life / family;
Improve customer satisfaction;
Involve the company in cultural activities;
Communicate regularly with employees in order to listen and integrate their ideas;
Encourage innovation as an essential factor for the increase of competitiveness and hence growth, and that can create new business opportunities;
Increase productivity and efficiency of processes to achieve high levels of operational performance in accordance with international best practices and market.


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